White Dry Wine

I.G.P. Attiki




White Dry Wine

I.G.P. Attiki

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Agiorgitiko - Merlot

Red Dry Wine

I.G.P. Attiki


Grenache rouge

Rose Dry Wine




Red Semi - Sweet Wine



Undoubtedly, one of the chefs of white varieties, Chardonnay is also planted in Greec and in the vineyards of the familly Zeginis, with the guarantee of our expertise.


Chardonnay vineyards of the Zeginis family are cultivated with lots of love and passion, being an aromatic treasure of our production. It is characterized by aromas of white fruits and vanilla.


A wine that promises to bring you moments of relaxation and it harmoniously accompanies fish and shellfish, chicken and cheeses.,

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Velanidia - Chardonnay 2019

White Dry Wine I.G.P. Attiki

Variety Composition : Chardonnay 100 %

Alcohol Content : 12 % vol

Location of vineyard : Ramnous, Marathon (Greece)

The vineyard of Zeginis Winery, where Chardonnay is cultivated, has the name Velanidia, which means oak in greek and so it gives the name to its wine.

The warm Mediterranean climate contributes significantly to the rapid ripening of grapes resulting in an early harvest, start of August, to protect and enhance the aromatic potential of Chardonnay.


Quality characteristics

Eye: Bright open straw - yellow with distinctive green reflections

Nose: Expressed with notes of pear, peach and exotic fruits

Mouth: Round and balanced, rich and generous in the mouth

Serving Temperature: 8-12 °C

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Savvatiano is the king of Attiki's vineyards, there is also in Ramnous and it is the main variety in the vineyards of the familly Zeginis.

A glass of wine Savvatiano Zeginis bring back images of the summer, like the blooming plain, the bright sun, floral fragrances and a sense of warmth. A wine rich and generous in flavors and aromas, but also elegant due to its fine acidity.

It turns out to be a valuable companion for every table that accompanies pleasantly meals of Mediterranean cuisine, fishes, seafood, white meats and pasta.


Savvatiano 2019

White Dry Wine I.G.P. Attiki

Variety Composition: Savvatiano 100 %

Alcohol Content: 12 % vol

Location of vineyard: Ramnous, Marathon (Greece)

Savvatiano is the indigenous variety of Attiki's vineyards and the variety grown in the vineyards of Zeginis Winery since the age our grandparents. It is also the most resistant white grape variety in the Mediterranean climate, as it responds strongly to heat and reduced rainfall.

The enologist of Zeginis Winery wants to highlight the hidden aspects of Savvatiano, based on her scientific knowledge and experience.

Quality characteristics

Eye: Shiny lemon color with green shades

Nose: Aomas of citrus fruits like, lemon, kiwi and white flowers

Mouth: A wine with a strong body and character brought to light by the aromas of the mouth combined with the finest acidity that fills the mouth with freshness. Long aftertaste.

Serving Temperature: 8-12 °C  

Agiorgitiko - Merlot 2019

Red Dry Wine I.G.P. Attiki

Variety Composition : Agiorgitiko - Merlot

Alcohol Content : 13 % vol

Location of vineyard : Ramnous, Marathon (Greece)

The vineyards of Agiorgitiko and Merlot of Zeginis Winery are located in Ramnous, near to the temple of the goddess Nemesis and in combination with the warm Mediterranean climate, optimal ripening is obtained.

First sorting in the vineyard and manual harvest. The grapes are then destemmed and put in thermoregulated stainless steel vats. Pre-fermentation maceration at low temperature is followed and maceration throughout the alcoholic fermentation.

The red wine of Zeginis Winery is thus a wine with a rich character and supple tannins, ready to taste and discover!


Quality characteristics

Eye: Deep red with purple reflections

Nose: Flavors of mature red fruits and spices

Mouth: Strong body with notes of mature red fruit and strong and velvet tannins

Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C




The diamond of the family of wines Zeginis!


A fresh and fruity wine, produced from a Mediterranean variety. The Zeginis Rosé will accompany your summer moments of relaxation with friends or family on the balcony or by the sea.


A plate of cheeses, fresh salads, pasta and chicken are ideally combined with a glass of Rosé wine Zeginis.


Ενα πιάτο κίτρινα τυριά, φρέσκες δροσερές σαλάτες, ζυμαρικά και λευκά κρέατα συνδυάζονται ιδανικά μ’ένα ποτήρι Rosé Ζεγγίνης.


Rosé 2019

Rosé Dry Wine

Variety Composition : Grenache

Alcohol Content : 12 % vol

Location of vineyard : Voiotia (Greece)

Grenache rouge is a mediterranean grape variety that expresses itself perfectly with Mediterranean warmth.

The harvest begins early in the morning, the fresh grapes are transported to the winery and the juice, that comes out of the pneumatic press machine, is ready to ferment in a thermoregulated stainless steel tank.

mon Rose ... a fresh and lively wine with a nice aromatic character, reminiscent of strawberries from the garden and wild flowers, full of freshness.

Quality characteristics

Eye: Shiny salmon colour

Nose: A very lively wine on the nose with strawberries and blackcurrant notes

Mouth: Structured and fruity body, with a fine acidity which fills the mouth with a lot of freshness

Serving Temperature: 6 °C


Semi Sweet 2019

Semi sweet red wine

Variety Composition : Agiorgitiko

Alcohol Content : 10,5 %

Location of vineyard : Corinthos, (Greece)


A semi - sweet red wine with low alcohol content, which you can enjoy at any time of the day or as an aperitif after each meal.

Without added sugars or alcohol, the alcoholic fermentation is stoped at the right time, finding the perfect balance between fruity, alcohol and the sweet taste of the wine.

Quality characteristics

Eye: Bright ruby color

Nose: Aromas of fresh red fruit

Mouth: Dominant red fruit, balanced and fruity on the palate

Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C


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